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Self centering vices type SC

Strong and self centering

The strong construction is designed for a high clamping force during machining - even under heavy loads.

The quick opening and closing function ensures an optimal cycle time.

The BRIO self-centering vice is protected against coolant and swarfs and is equipped with safety switches. Few moving parts and therefore few wearing parts ensure high reliability with limited maintenance.

The BRIO self-centering vice is supplied with a set of standard jaws. Special designed jaws for a specific task can be supplied.

Type SC 0 SC 1 SC 2 SC 3
Max. workpiece diameter Ø 50 Ø 70 Ø 80 Ø 150
Min. workpiece diameter Ø 4 Ø 5 Ø 5 Ø 25
Theoretical clamping force at 50 BAR 2010 N 5750 N 9120 N 11.500 N
Weight 13 kg 25 kg 37 kg 125 kg