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Handling system type HS

Flexible handling system with built-in cables and wires

The BRIO HS system is used for handling of workpieces from the magazine or the conveyor belt. The HS system is particularly advantageous when automating machine tools.

The HS system is built-up of 3 simple modules, the frame, the cross bar and the handling arm with the gripping section. It is therefore easy and quick to combine the modules for a complete handling system.

The gripping section has two jaws. The jaws can be replaced without the use of tools by a simple push-button device.

Type HS 1 HS 2 HS 3
Lifting capacity 3 kg 10 kg 20 kg
Max. gripping diameter Ø 30 mm Ø 50 mm Ø 70 mm
Lifting movement 80 mm 100 mm 160 mm

Special advantages:

  • Built-in cables and wires - thereby unnecessary breakdowns are avoided
  • Insertion of a rotary module (option) - carrying out of the rotary movement of the gripping section up to 180 degrees
  • Built-in switches - prevent damages and breakdowns e.g. if a workpiece is placed wrongly
  • Self-centering gripping section