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Case 14

Delivered to customer in Denmark

BRIO spindle unit type BF 90




 BRIO spindle type BF 90 short version with quick change and air through spindel.



 Per from BRIO Komponenter have mounted and tested the spindles. Jens Peter from Akea has turned many of the parts in this unit. 7 complete units.



 Mounted with quicj change and air through the spindle.





Motor placed back


Prepared for overpressure in the spindle





Case 13

Delivered to customer in Swiss

BRIO Slideunit type SL 40/400 on BRIO slideunit type SL 55/400. Both with hand wheel.




 BRIO SL 40/400 mounted on SL 55/400


 With equipment for digital meassuring


 Mounted with 25*5 preloaded ball spindle



 SL 55/400 with more threads for mounting of the

SL 40/400 on the top

 Delivered with 25x5 preloaded ball spindle





Case 12

Delivered to customer in German

BRIO BF 25 short model without motor and house.








Case 11

BRIO BF 40 with extra nosetightening and frequncy converter in box. Delivered to customer in Israel

10 set

 Extra Nose tightening








BRIO BF 55 spindle unit with quickchange and cooling through spindle. With motor delivered from customer








Case 9

3 pc. Loadingssystem type LS602 nad 3 pc. BF 55 with equipment for quick change of tool delivered to US.

Loading stations with cover for the waggons Loading system
Each loading system have 2 wagons as standard BF 55 with motor and equipment for quick change of tool









BRIO HA 3 bottom part for sale

We have 6 pc. bottom part for HA 3 on stock, which we want to have sold. Call or write to us for the best price.








Case 7

BRIO BF 30 special spindle delivered to customer in Spain
Special tool holder system maked after wish from customer. Motor delivered from customer



 BRIO BF 30 unit special tool release


Motor delivered from customer


Mounted with equipment for quick change of tool. Special inside equipment made af wish from customer





Case 6

BRIO BF double spindle deliveret to customer in Norway
The centerdistanz is 136mm between the spindles. The spindles are running with different spindle revolution.


 BRIO BF 55 double spindle


 Both spindles are with equipment
for quick change of tool


 The spindles are fixed in the house
with 8 screews


 Euipment for quick change of tools  BF 55 spindles with SK 40 cone and
spindle nose after DIN 2079
 Different pulleys on the spindles for
different spindle speed



Case 5

BRIO loading system type LS 602 delivered to Germany.
The loading system will be delivered with 2 wagaons.  


Case 3

BRIO spindle unit type BF 90 with 15kW motor and BRIO high speed unit type HSF 55 with 11kW motor delivered to customer in Norway through our destributor
Meidell as   

 Spindle unit type BF 90  Motor behind  Spindle cone SK50 - DIN 2079  Adjustable motor
High Speed unit type HSF 55  Max spindle speed 12.000 rpm  Spindle cone SK 40 - DIN 2079  


Case 4

BRIO vice SC 2 without jaws delivered to Thailand.
Vice type SC 2 can be delivered with jaws set from ø5 to ø80  


Case 2

Slide units delivered to Italy

BRIO slide unit type SL 90/630 mounted with preloaded ball spindle 32x5 and hand wheel. The small slide is a BRIO slide unit type SL 40/250 mounted with 25x5 preloaded ball spindle and hand wheel. 


Case 1

Old slides are like new.

We have just renovated these 2 pieces slides type SL 40/250. The one slide is delivered in 1996, and the other in 1998. After installing the new ball screw and nut, guides, bearings etc are they ready to run in the next 15 years